Friday, August 14, 2009

Return to work

This past summer I wanted to get better using the really fancy stuff to keep people entertained, but instead I entertained myself while traveling. Between the wonderful Mermaid in Warsaw and the Dragon in Krakow there were sights observed that will not be repeated in the halls of my school. However, those halls will be full of excited little 9th graders who will be more inventive than we wish they would be.

During the next 9 months, Born to Travel is going to be traveling the world through the W. Geography curriculum tying in the places that I have toured in my last 55 years. There are more years of exploration left in me, but these previous tales of travel need to be recorded before I do additional ones.

The general agenda is to make connections to real places I have been to all lessons that I have created this year. Daily entries are hoped for, but I will settle for weekly entries.

Happy reading.

1. Beginning with the 7 continents and 4 oceans, I have touched all of them. ( sort of) Atlantic and Pacific of course, Malaysia on the island of Penang is where I got the Indian Ocean and North Cape Norway ( Hammerfest) is for the Arctic.

Africa- Egypt
Asia- China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia
Australia- ( Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Canberra
Europe- almost all
North America - Missing some Central America
South America- Venezuela only

Missing Antarctica

- Now more for details - throughout the year

Monday, June 15, 2009

#1 Registration - movie comments

First reaction, no textbooks, with the Texas legislature still out and arguing about what is going to be in future books, will they just replace all books with laptops and let the students just research what is out there? and if so, what about the state tests that want us to cover some basic material. --and those thoughts take me to the newspapers that are struggling to stay alive. How will it be in the future if you are not hiring the reporters to do their job for a paper, but are just blogging on line or--- Will you have to pay for every different site you hit on whether or not it has valid material?

Second reaction, the old plagiarism one. Will this type of gathering data provide more or less temptation for not doing your own work and just finding something out there that looks good. Some people I know have put power points on their web pages that others created and they are not giving them any credit for the work involved.

Third reaction, more material. In planning the upcoming Polish Adventure I have enjoyed using the Internet and upon occasion using the translator provided here to make sense of various documents that originally appeared in Polish on this machine.

Now to go back to the initial question, of the student, the video, the teacher and her role.

This past year I had a student not research what I wanted him to do, but something else he found interesting on the Internet. He found more stuff out there once he got started, but then you could do that with reading books. The student ( if he really applied himself and got good stuff) could really make a good site.
The video, cute with the heads coming and going. It looked a little like Bart Simpson. How long would something like this take to finish and if the students did not have a computer at the house with good speed,--
The teacher and her role, well, she has got a whole lot more to be following with her molding of the project. She seems to be guiding a bit more than with a tradition research project of the student taking notes and turning in the note cards for her to check that things are happening in the right order. Here different students might be at different places along the way, so she cannot do an over all modeling of something and hope it applies to all. She can guide, but then she has to keep reading and doing a bit more verification of material and stuff. I can just see the teachers that like to do the same thing year in and out having to read and keep updated with their subject matter that the students are accessing. Wow.

Too much rambling this evening, but I do want to get started on this before any more brush fires happen with the family that I have to put out before I leave town.

It is nice to be back on line with a blog again. Born to Travel has returned.
Born to Travel has her passport out and is ready to get it stamped several more times!!!

The Return of Born to Travel

Well, I am off to Warsaw and Krakow next week so Born To Travel needed to return to her Blog. Vaughn and her life-long learning of computers and things ( Remember that class at Computer Craft many moons ago on the Apple IIE) has gotten me to shake the dust off of this blog and hit the keyboard again. Of the list of things that I will be learning Skype is one I have been hearing the most about in the last few months. The world is getting smaller and smaller with all of this technology. I just wish that all keyboards were made the same. Last summer in Croatia I had issues with no Y but a Z was there instead - France does not have a friendly keyboard either for those of us that are touch typists. Very strange sentences can be created there. But enough of that. I need to go watch a movie, and do a few other things before I learn 11.5 new things. Beware bloggers, I have returned!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

#23 Final question- survey

#1- I loved learning about Flickr. I now have another great source of photos and can see how others viewed places I have been. was also great to meet!!!

#2 Anything new that I learn about computers is great. When I began 300+ years ago at a computer store and touched my first 'motherboard' I never dreamed where it all would lead. There are so many new things to play with like the trading cards, and jigsaw puzzles, and mashups, and rollyo - wow!!!! Again, I want my new 25 hour day!!

#3 I liked how I could combine some of my prior knowledge with the new programs/ideas. One of my favorite items was to just click next blog at the top of any blog and see where it was coming from. At one point I was on one page that was telling me what was getting uploaded at any given minute. I do want to put the thing on my blog that tells me where the people are coming from. ( where in the world- but currently I have forgotten where that is)

#4 Check the websites on a few more computers that might not be running the same system as the school. I am trying hard to not download much on this home machine since it is older and has less memory / ( and little gremlins under the hood). I do have an additional hard drive for my photos, but I try to keep the general system a little clean. *** Do warn people they have to have the faster internet to do this at home- That was a delay in my working. I went through the local phone company and they had to boost the lines in the neighborhood to get to the 6 level of stuff. And it works better earlier in the day than at night.

#5 Yes since I now have the higher speed internet access.

#6 An interesting way to bond with the lapper on the kitchen table during the summer!! But I did enjoy the process

#7- And I have been doing that all along

Thanks for a good summer Vaughn!!!

#22 Nings

One more registration, one more place to visit. I did visit the high school teachers group and found out where specific topics could be found. If you were interested in that topic it would be great. At this time I did not start another blog.

With just geography teachers having some connected blogs it would be useful. In a way we have had our own TAGE sharing site for years going through the alliance where we do share teaching ideas, but nothing quite as organized as this. We do manage to keep current with useful web sites and conferences however.

This is useful, and I did bookmark it and I might visit it again, when I get the new 25 hour day.

In the classroom, --- I am still not sure with the students-how much control would you have?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

#21 Podcast

I need to hurry, hurry, hurry on this one since Eduardo is due and the deadline is almost here and with a storm I might lose electric power and there would be a real disaster then.

I have read about pod casts, I understand them but am concerned about creating one. I understand storyboards from the old Digital Chisel projects the kids made, but at home I do not have everything hooked up to this machine, and it does not like to receive more programs. ( they slow it down) But here goes.

Not good- The video I wanted to put some audio only wants to open in apple and that program has been removed from this machine. I am do an organized abandonment of this step and going on to NINGS and will return later.

Between Eduardo and the district closing some things due to it and a deadline I do not want to get in further trouble- we procrastinators do get in trouble at times

tried to download again and had more issues- this is not good-

#20 You Tube and Teacher Tube

I have enjoyed some youtube this summer since I finally got DSL. I have not done much with TeacherTube yet, ( except what I have seen in this presentation) Now I need to learn more.

need to shut down- after going to awards, got some virus- need to shut down and do a disc clean up and stuff- shame on the award site!!!!!

This day is getting too exciting. I got rid of the js virus thing and then got to teachertube. Got the log in and all of that. Found a video on Chinese Geography and it was not that great. Just pictures, no audi0 and then the credits took the cake!!! I turned it in as inappropriate. When I checked teacher tube on the school computer ( I also am running it) it did get screened on that one I tried out a video on TeacherTube and it was inappropriate.It came from Al Vasectomy, Nina Viagra and Impotence Australia

I am hanging this one up for a few minutes- I am heading off to the next task!!!